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Jenna Reinemann

Die-Hard Sports Fan

Disney Enthusiast 

Spin Class Obsessed

Minnesotan to Seattleite


Sports Bettor 

Pineapple on Pizza Lover

House Gryffindor Fanatic

Corn Hole Champion 

EDM DJ Wannabe

Better Than Average Golfer

Where I've been...and where I'm going!

Hi, I'm Jenna! A UX design leader with 14 years of experience creating customer-first solutions through human-centered design. I believe that best-in-class experiences are rooted in customer obsession and cohesive storytelling. I get energy through building trust and maximizing cross-functional collaboration between design, research, product, business, and engineering partners where all voices have a seat at the table to create products customers will love!

During my time at Best Buy, I was extremely fortunate to join the very first digital Product team created in 2011. We grew from a Product team of 1, to over 200 digital Product teams by 2021. I had the opportunity to lead many of those Product teams throughout the years helping to establish best practices and the importance of design, product, and engineering working together throughout the Product Discovery process. I practiced information architecture, UX design, research, product design, experience design, experience strategy, service design, and design leadership. 

Two years ago I stepped out of my comfort zone to standup a brand new team/discipline in Content Design for Disney Entertainment and ESPN. I've had the opportunity to craft cohesive narratives across brands, platforms, products, and experiences throughout, ESPN, ESPN+, ESPN Fantasy, ABC, National Geographic, and Marvel Unlimited... all while establishing content design's role throughout the E2E design process.

I find energy at the intersection of design, communication, and strategy. I'm passionate about Product teams that embrace human-centered design practices and lean into customer obsession.

I love sharing stories and want to hear yours. Let's get in touch! 

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